Music and Movement for Tots

Babies to 4 years

An introductory class that helps to develop your child’s looking, listening and copying skills. Together you & your child will learn nursery rhymes and action songs. Using a variety of musical instruments, we explore shaking, tapping and banging to encourage co-ordination and a sense of timing. We also introduce colourful beanbags and soft balls developing into throwing catching, counting and colour recognition as the child matures.

Baby Ballet

2 Years to 4 Years

The parent/carer stays in the room while their little superheroes and fairies are gradually encouraged to dance independently. Taught using traditional ballet techniques adapted for younger children alongside a modern approach, this unisex class gives both boys and girls the chance to experience structured dance training – whilst parents the unique opportunity of sharing in it. With the focus on imagination and pretending we skip, gallop, jump, run, point “good – toes” and sing. Our classes also support budding sports stars of the future with coordination, timing and balance.



Monday 2nd November until Friday 11th December 2020 (6 weeks) – £30

Monday 4th January until Friday 12th February 2021 (6 weeks) – £30

* please note we offer special rates for siblings & second classes  * please enquire if this applies to you *