Ba-Bees Buzz and Bop

Babies to 4 years

Babies to 4 years. An introductory class that helps to develop your child’s looking, listening and copying skills. Together you & your child will learn nursery rhymes and action songs including the occasional introduction of words from different languages. Using a variety of musical instruments, we explore shaking, tapping and banging to encourage co-ordination and a sense of timing. We also introduce colourful beanbags and soft balls developing into throwing, catching, counting and colour recognition as the child matures. With themed weeks planned around seasonal events you and your child are sure to have fun while learning together.

Bumblebee Boogie Bop

2 Years to 4 Years

Aimed at Boys and Girls from 2+, this is a progressive class from Ba-bees Buzz and Bop for those that want that extra little push towards learning the fundamentals and benefits of dance alongside the musical fun. Apart from the obvious fitness benefits, we know that dance improves emotional wellbeing, co-ordination, kinaesthetic memory, verbal and non-verbal communication, confidence and socialisation. Our classes will incorporate different genres of dance including a focus on ballet to strengthen posture, improve balance and support the development of lean and strong muscles. These benefits are invaluable, whether your child plans to take dance classes for many years to come or play sports. You will accompany your child to class and can join in the activities though you may wish to encourage independence whilst standing aside and watching their development and confidence grow.


2023/24 TERM DATES

Monday 11th September-Friday 20th October 2023

Monday 30th October-Friday 8th December 2023

Monday 11th December-Friday 15th December CHRISTMAS CAMPS

Tuesday 2nd January-Friday 9th February 2024

Monday 19th February-Thursday 28th March 2024

Monday 5th April-Friday 24th May (no class Monday 6th May)

Monday 3rd June-Friday 12th July


* Please note we offer special rates for siblings & second classes  * These are automatically applied at the checkout on Class For Kids*